Christmas is Truly Special with a Fresh Cut Tree!

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a real Christmas tree freshly cut from Nature’s Best Christmas Trees in northern Illinois.

There’s nothing like coming directly to our northern Illinois cut your own Christmas tree farm and cutting down your own tree. You won’t get a tree any fresher and you can pick just the right tree at Nature’s Best Christmas Trees . Selecting your Christmas tree at our cut your own Christmas tree farm is a family event, a tradition which creates life-long memories.

When you visit Nature’s Best cut-your-own Christmas tree farm, you can select the perfect tree up to a height of 16 feet. Our trees are all priced at $10 per foot. We measure our Christmas trees from the base after you cut your tree to the top of the upper whorl (the first set of branches down from top), not to the tip of the leader. Short-needled firs (Fraser, Concolor, Canaan and Douglas), spruces (Norway, Black Hills and Colorado Blue) and White pines are $10 per foot. You decide which size best fits your needs (see “Types of Trees” tab). If you’d like, we will give you a measuring pole, and you set out at your own leisure to choose the perfect tree. Nature’s Best has bow saws available for you to cut your own tree or if you like, one of our helpful staff members will cut your tree after you do all the hard work — deciding upon which tree!! Either you or our staff member will haul it to the mechanical shaker to remove old dead needles from the inside of the tree thus reducing the potential for a mess inside your house. Next your tree will be put through the baler, which compacts the tree limbs with netting. Nature’s Best cut-your-own Christmas tree farm offers this service at no charge to avoid tree damage, make it easier to transport and set up in your home. Lastly, our helpful staff will load or tie it to your vehicle (if inclined, you may tip the young man!). You may wish to bring an old blanket, soft rug or a sheet of plastic to place underneath the tree over the roof of your car to protect the paint and finish. We accept credit cards with an additional 2.7% PayPal fee, cash and local checks.

If you are in need of large quantities of greenery, or specialty items, please call Alison at 815-505-3377 ahead so we can have your items ready when you arrive.
Merry Christmas from Nature’s Best Christmas TreesThe Kiene Family